Welcome to Cafe Del Parque!

Once again SE Productions presents an awesome line-up of your favourite Ibiza Bar DJ's...

Get into the groove with:

Friday 8:00-10:45pm
DRENCH*T - Seb Emmins, Suat, Aan.

Saturday 8:00-10:45pm
GROOVOLOGY - Suat, Seb Emmins, Timo De Reuver, Baska, Son of Abe, Sifu Wu, Harry Maude.

Sunday 12:00-6:00pm
LAST MAN STANDING - Habouchi (B2B), Jess Holt, Baska.

Click on a thumbnail below for the low-down...

Son of Abe Sifu Wu Suat Seb Emmins Aan Jess Holt Baska Habouchi Timo de Reuver Harry Maude Ibiza Bar